The Ultimate Test Prep Course

The Ultimate Test Prep Course
via Zoom in a series of twice a week, 2-hour sessions up through mid-October

The Highly Effective Test Prep Course – Get ready for the test, whether you are aiming for the PSAT, SAT, or ACT!

Course start date:  July 16th, 2020

Join the virtual class anytime, as Jay will cover subjects multiple times to ensure concepts are understood and learned.

This course will take place EVERY Tuesday and Thursday evening from 7 – 9 PM EST until the PSAT in October is administered. As of now, the College Board is offering three different dates: Oct, 14, 17 & 28th.

This is THE test prep course for rising seniors and juniors to get your best test results. Understand the test, the techniques, and the subject matter to help you succeed on your test of choice.

There is NO wasted time working on endless problems or memorizing vocabulary words. Instead, this course combines live classroom instruction via Zoom with a personalized study schedule.

Take practice tests and develop a deep understanding of both test-taking techniques and strategies for maximizing achievement. Student results will reflect EFFORT, not memory.

Juniors – a bonus for you: if you can get strong test results in the fall, you can be ahead of the game and finish up your testing earlier than all your peers! Study now, take the test, and move on to other activities.

To sign up, email Jay at [email protected] or text/call 215-350-8714.

Get ready for your best test results yet – geared for students taking the test in the fall (or as soon as they can be administered!).

If you are signed up for the ACT, this is an excellent class as well as you will learn techniques and strategies that hold true across all the standardized tests.


To sign up, email Jay at [email protected] or text/call him 215-350-8714.

Do standardized tests still matter for the college admissions process?

Yes, tests have been canceled and won’t be administered this fall. And 50% of schools have stated that they are making tests optional for the upcoming college admissions year.

HOWEVER, schools will still look at test scores for scholarship needs – test scores are an essential part of the scholarship contest. If you don’t send in your test scores, you are putting yourself at a significant disadvantage.

Here’s what you need to know:
If you don’t submit test scores: this makes admissions harder, and schools are NOT lowering their admissions standards by stating they are test optional.

ALSO: “test optional” does not mean “test blind”

Test optional is when it is up to the student as to whether to submit the tests – but if they are submitted, schools will look at them.
Test blind, on the other hand, means that schools don’t look at scores if they are submitted.

To sign up, email Jay at [email protected] or text/call 215-350-8714.