Find all the money available to you to pay for your education.

Financial aid and scholarships are important ways to help you pay for college. Some of these funds need to be paid back or earned, while some is a gift.

The process typically starts with the Free Application for Student Aid, known as FAFSA. Once an application is processed there is information about what types of federal assistance programs, grants, and loans are available to a student.

There are other ways to obtain money to pay for a college education, but sorting through the different options can be challenging. That’s where Jay London comes into the picture.

Jay helps student find money to pay for school – money that many students don’t know how to find, since they don’t know where to look. Some of the best news is you do not need to be a star athlete or the top student in your class to qualify for scholarship money, as many scholarships are based on financial need, community service and a student’s intended field of study.

Jay walks students and their families through this process and brings the best financial results to each student and his or her family.

One of the biggest myths today is that it is hard to qualify for financial aid.

This is simply not true. Jay will help your student maximize the amount of aid received.