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The FAFSA Workshop:

Does the FAFSA have you confused? Perhaps even overwhelmed?
(Or, are you avoiding it for as long as possible?)

For those refiling the FAFSA for a returning college student, do you want to ensure you complete the form better than last year?

The College Advice Guy is here to help with a COMPLIMENTARY FAFSA session.

This session is unlike any other – this is your chance to work with someone who has extensive experience with the FAFSA and financial aid.
We are going to do your FAFSA together.  There’s no better way to get it done.

We’ll also talk through the answers to questions such as:
What is the ideal timing to complete the FAFSA?
What can I do to improve my changes of getting college aid for my child?
Who should fill it out?  Who should not fill it out?
Will it hurt me to fill out the FAFSA?  Will it hurt me if I don’t fill it out?
What are the different types of loan options available?
How do I pay for college without going broke?

All parents of high school seniors should attend! Don’t miss your chance to get FREE professional FAFSA help!       

REGISTER NOW for this free workshop.

Delaware Valley University
Alumni Hall

October 24, 2019

TIME:  7 – 9pm
Bring your computer and let’s get it done!


This absolutely FREE session has a value of $500 – so take advantage of the one opportunity you will have to actually get the FAFSA completed with a professional walking you through each step.    REGISTER NOW.

Questions? Contact Jay London at jay@thecollegeadviceguy.com or 215.350.8714

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