We guide students and their families
through the College Search, Application, and Selection Process

First, we get to know you and make sure we understand your goals, family situation, values and expectations.

Then, we introduce a plan of action and a timeline for you to embark on this journey with focus and clarity. As part of the process we:

  • Complete personal interviews with both the student and parents to understand family wants and needs
  • Construct a plan of action and sign a Commitment Contract with student – the student has a set of responsibilities to fulfill!
  • Empower the student to conduct a clear and focused college search, with us guiding the process and there every step of the way

“Know yourself” — these are our two most important words of advice.

We help you explore, evaluate, and articulate your strengths, goals, aspirations, uncertainties. Of course, we consider your budget and your college affordability!

Only then can we help identify the “right” colleges for you. Importantly, we give you tools and guidance to proceed with confidence.

As part of this process we:

  • Administer assessments to identify your interests, personality, skills, strengths, and values
  • Personalize the interpretation of assessment results and explain the impact on college choices
  • Identify college factors of fit, including financial, and guide you in building your “college list”

Many students are uncertain about their career goals (and that is OK and to be expected!).

We guide you through our unique process to explore and discover what you would like to do and where you would like to go in the future. You will gain an understanding of the world of work and become familiar with career search tools that you will use now and later in your life.

As part of this process students:

  • Interpret with us an assessment related to career interest areas
  • Explore the world of work and careers
  • Develop a toolbox of career search skills

For some families, this is the heart of our services.

An effective college search can begin when you can articulate your strengths, personality, and aspirations. Based on your interests, goals and values, we guide you in researching a variety of colleges, prepare you for effective visits, help you decide the colleges to which you will apply, and assist as you make your final choice.

We also:

  • Administer assessments to identify interests, personality, skills, strengths, and values
  • Provide guidance in identifying colleges that fit based on assessments
  • Personalize the interpretation of assessment results and explain its impact on college choices
  • Customize each student’s checklist and timeline for effective college search
  • Investigate critical factors of interests, learning style, academic strengths, and career goals
  • Coach student and families for both online and in-person research of colleges
  • Prepare students and their family for productive campus visits (and evaluations afterwards!)
  • Guide students as they seek to narrow down their choices to the college application list

The college admissions process is so much more than just filling out forms. Going through the motions without a strategy and without an understanding of how to put one’s best foot forward will not bring the desired results.

We help students prepare complete and outstanding applications that will get positively noticed by admissions committees.

We work with students to:

  • Establish a customized plan for college applications
  • Create a competitive leadership resume
  • Prioritize and review applications for accuracy and best presentation of your talents
  • Identify red flags that may lower chances of acceptance or scholarship
  • Track and organize applications to meet deadlines

Beyond your coursework, GPA, and standardized test scores, the most important part of your application is your essay. We understand what admissions committees look for in the essay.

We‘ll help you explore topics and develop essays and personal statements that will make you shine. We are there for every step of the way and every detail, right down to proofreading your final drafts.

Explore essay topics that set you apart from the crowd. We:

  • Teach you how to write for your audience – the admissions or scholarship committee
  • Review, edit, and proofread your college essays so they do nothing but help showcase you in the best light possible

For many schools, the interview is an important part of the process. There are many factors that can help you conduct a successful interview – we help you every step of the way.

And in fact, we do more than just help you practice; we’ll show you how to research, assess, and approach the interview situation. (Those are skills that will come in handy when you’re job-hunting, too!)

We help students:

  • Research and prepare for a quality interview
  • Complete the ever-important practice interview with constructive critique

Before you make your final decision, you want to be confident that you have done everything you can to influence a positive decision. Take advantage of our expertise to help you compare and compete.

We assist students:

  • Position themselves for deferments or delayed action as needed
  • Review and compare college acceptance and award letters
  • Identify critical factors in comparing awards
  • Draft appeals letters if necessary

The search and college application process comes at one of the busiest times of your life – your final years of high school! There are so many conflicting priorities at that time in your life, it is easy to get off track.

With our guidance and your customized plan of action, you’ll find it easy to stay organized and on track in your college search.

Students and their families find great value from our:

  • Timely communication that keeps students on track with the overall plan
  • Tracking through our unique program called Guided Path, which provides a wealth of information and access for both student and parents
  • Personal reminders to parents when student falls behind on action plan

As the name implies, your high school commencement is only the beginning.

Your college admission coach will stay available to you through your initial transitions to college life.

We’ll check in with you a couple of times your first year just to be sure you’re doing well. If needed, we’ll guide you to the resources available on campus to help you.

We are there for students to:

  • Check-in during your first term of college with optional meeting at breaks
  • Provide guidance through the initial adjustments to college
  • Offer advice and/or counseling through difficult transitions
  • Help with identifying and connecting with appropriate resources at your college

The better a student does on the tests, the more money he or she will get.

Students make money by preparing. The more prepared they are, the more money they will receive.