Seniors are in an unprecedented situation.

No school as we know it, the reality (just announced) there will be no traditional face-to-face AP testing, the inability to visit colleges to make a final decision. Seniors are at a place when they need guidance more than ever navigating their way through this absolutely crazy time.

Jay London, the College Advice Guy, would like to offer assistance in the area he can and knows best – for all seniors who are in the final phases of college decision making process (also known as “how to make one of the most important decisions of your life to date without any chance of getting all of the information you need to do so”).  And he is doing so at no cost, during the COVID-19 crisis.

For a limited time, Jay will provide an evaluation of admissions offers, a comparison of the financial aid packages, and answers to any questions that are out there – including how to pay for school, how to decide between programs …. or whatever else is going through your head.

Jay practices strict social distancing protocol and will answer questions via text or email and will hold conference calls for immediate concerns.

The College Advice Guy wants to provide help to students in this stressful time – this is a way he can do that.

Godspeed, seniors!

Reach out to Jay London:
[email protected]