Interview and College Visit Prep

 Interview and College Visit Workshop

Visiting a college campus for the first time is often an overwhelming and emotion provoking experience. Walking around campus, seeing the attractive students, shiny new buildings and eating in first-rate dining areas will give you a feeling. What you won’t get is a real understanding of what your college experience will be. How will you be able to evaluate whether a college has everything you need instead of want if you do not know what to look for and who to talk to?

Visiting colleges and interviewing at appropriate institutions is essential to a successful college search. This workshop gets students ready for the busy college visit seasons. You will receive key tips and pointers for getting the real facts on campus during your visit as opposed to the prepackaged sales presentation provided by a tour guide.

Learn who, what, when, why and how for effective interviews both for admission and internships.

3hrs- $197