College 101 Camp

Congratulations 2018 High School Graduates!

It’s an exciting time. You have your diploma in hand – and in a short while you head off to college.

But do you have the tools to succeed once you get there? Most students don’t.*

Do not start packing until you attend this everything-you-MUST-know-before-you-go, college-readiness event:
Everything You Need to Know to Reduce Stress, Achieve Success, Pay Less, and Avoid the Mess! ~ The Ultimate College Success Camp

We will cover topics in these critical areas that cause freshman anxiety, result in students dropping out of school, and increase the cost of school for parents:

  • Am I in the Right Major?
  • Executive Functioning Skills-Time Management
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Study and Test Taking methods
  • Mental and Physical Health Issues
  • Social World of College
  • Legal Rights and Issues

Participants will receive materials worth $750 and will also receive 3 hours of one-on-one advice for the freshman year ($600 value). Participants will also learn cost-saving tips and techniques that could reduce the yearly cost by thousands.

Proposed dates for the camps, which will run from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm are:

  • July 9-10
  • July 17-18
  • July 25-26
  • July 30-31
  • Aug 8-9

Participants may mix and match days and dates in order to attend both sessions, if they cannot attend on consecutive days.

Choose from 2 options (Includes meals, snacks, and materials):

One day camp (6 hours total) – $497
Two day camp (12 hours) – $597 (if paid at one time)

This camp is for both students and parents (parents may accompany a paying student for no additional cost).

Local area locations will be either at 1 North Penn Street, Hatboro or The Health and Wellness Center, Warrington. Participants can “attend” via a Skype video-conference if requested.

Jay London, The College Advice Guy

*Why is it so important that you attend?

Only 38% of all students graduate in four years?
25% of college students drop out after freshman year?!

Don’t be a statistic!  Attend this camp to set yourself up for college success!